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June 06, 2007


roy edroso

Well, there's a nice little foreign-policy nutshell. Good to be reminded that the name of the game is still geopolitics, where only resources matter, and that there are three ways to win: maximizing the resources, maximizing their delivery, or fucking up other countries' ability to do same.

From our current perspective, maybe I should say three ways to lose.

I haven't been here in a while, but it's good to see you've gone to Typepad and got your shit shit-tight. Maybe I'll do the same someday.

Funny you should kick off with that tune we played in Berlin all those years back.

b tween

hey roy!
Good to hear from you, it's been too long.

I decided one day that the only way to learn the "truth" when confronted with any question was to follow the money. I've become absolutely convinced that *nothing* else matters to the "people in charge" of the mega-oligarchy the world has become. So if you want to guess which way the wind of change will blow, see which direction offers streets paved with gold.
sad state of affairs, ain't it?

I forgot about the improv Eve of Destruction we played in Berlin. My most potent memory is the East German border guard calling me a swein!


I'm not advocating it, of course, but the only way a nation can cohere is via xenophobia.

In this post-national overassimilated era, you can't have nations. The choice is clear. Dumb down (as in Islam) and have a society, or smart-up, and have a caustic smash-pot of no rest, no gain, no peace, and schuyster take all.

Choose one. You can't have both.

So nasty brutish governments will now give way, worldwide, to a thousand different mafias, all buried in someone's neighborhood.

Where you feared Gatica-style ID imprinting, it'll just turn out that you'll be forced to self-ID, with a Bloods, Crips, Jihad, or Greener tattoo, which you have to pay for (or apply) yourself.

The nastiness in bred in, Bren. The most human quality. Scheming, intimidation, exploitation, and hate. The basic foundation stones of the human race.

And Governments? Hah.
The greatest personal lifetrack ever invented (unless there's a revolution). Yeah, its just a job.

I think of the entire government, at all levels, as one of those huge Borg Collective cube-shaped space ships. Individuals "assimilated" retain very little of their pre-Borg selves, everybody is replaceable, and when the old ones are discarded (in some election turnover) , ...all that happens is that their feeding tubes are switched over to the new guys, who immediately go into "regeneration trance" sucking down that white Borg liquid. Just because Picard and Seven of Nine woke up, does not mean escape is possible. The several billion other Borgs are all still hooked up, forever. They view Picard & Seven as defectives, kinda like offshore Chinese. Us, you and me, are nothing more than Soylent Green briquets to them.

Mark Vane

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I think we should organize the World's biggest pow wow at the world's biggest teepee in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Maybe we should support the First Nations people in Serpeant River and Trout Lake. They have a chance to set a precedent under Crown Land. Since the Govt has sold the mineral rights for uranium across the Canadian shield, we should have a say. The EA's have been pushed thru..hidden in the Ontario budget as is the nuclear and uranium infrastructure and exploratory.
Cameco is about the mine the shit out of Canada's north from west to east. I can pretty much bet there won't be a scrap of uranium left in 30 years. There won't be a drop of water either that isn't contaminated.
I think it's time for a little rebel rousin with the First Nations. Check out John Cutfeet-Trout Lake.
Also on www.miningwatch.com
I think there is some merit to this org but also mind there are some camping in the enemies back yard. Good place to stay connected to vito any positive forward movement against these assholes.
I live 30 minutes from Bruce Power...billions alloted in the Ontario Budget..which I've noted I haven't found anyone that's even read the damn thing. Needless to say most have missed the EA deadlines for any protest.
I would think if we vote in leaders to protect our best interest and they don't DIDN'T...we should have some recourse. Mind you if we wait until mining companies cash the uranium stocks and extract it will be too late...
anyway I'm done talking about it...I'm going up to see what's happening on the N.Ontario uranium front and band with the Indians...they're the only ones making any sense these days. Not all but for the most part they are trying to convert the ones we've converted to white ways.


"The Eve of Destruction" was penned by one Phil Bleich, under the pseudonym P.F. Sloan.

He also wrote Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man", and the Cowsills' "Gotta Get to Know You".

It was Phil who suggested to John Philips that he trash the 3 chords of Phillips' original bright "California Dreamin", and recast it in darker colors "As sort of a walk don't run copy"

Good Notion, that.

Dunhill records (where he worked) coveted Bliech's songsmithing, and so sabotaged several attempts by him to become an artist.

So he influenced your 1965-1968 reality, but was sabotaged from joining it, by a hardass record company.

I definitely sympathize.

As it is, he is now about 65, in recovery from substance abuse and mental illness, and watching the Dylans of this world safely from the sidelines--- where we all ought to be.

[email protected]

B Tween

howdy stranger - long time. I've been meaning to write some incendiary comment about IP just so Mr. Clegg can stay mad at me. It has been very difficult to not write about Paul Newman, the Japanese earthquake, Cuomo and whatever "siren failure" that'll be next!?!?!
I've had no time for anything, not even half day weekend rides up into the mountains on my bike. I feel remiss, and the need for speed.

Nonetheless, you've been as bad as me. How you were able to resist cartooning AG Cuomo is beyond my comprehension. I was almost tempted to do one and send it to you to put up. I mean, that's like a gift from some Aztec fire god. Really, ren!

PF Sloan recently gigged around here somewhere. I remember seeing an ad for it and thinking it'd be a hell of a gig to see. Those sidemen were usually a lot better than the main act, especially after years of hard work at substance abuse.

Incidentally, uranium finally peaked and has been pulling back from its dizzying heights. Maybe we won't watch our lights go out after all.


The Japanese have demonstrated a viable seawater harvesting scheme which hangs specially constructed attractant cables offshore from buoys. Collected and processed after 3 months, the hanging cables yield usable amounts of U233/U235/U238 for a cost only marginally higher than current projected costs for terrestrial (mined) uranium. World oceans are estimated to contain several billion times the amount of mineable terrestrial uranium, resulting in a near-eternal supply source.

It looks like we've been floating in a "Uranium Ocean" for millennia, only totally ignorant of it.

My latest philosophical conceit is the amusing (but extremely defendable) assertion that atomic phenomena are the quintessential Fifth Element posited by Pythagoras 2500 years ago, and sought by alchemists ever since. Go ahead, disprove it. ( no one can ).

On the political side, (since Jason Gooljar has moved to Wash DC), and the US has Mr. Obama to prove that the constitution really works, I will salt my message for all here, if you don't mind.

Here goes:

I've lived in the Hud valley all my life, ( except for band tours to California, Washington state, Alaska, Bermuda, Greenland, Texas, Oklahoma, & Florida and several years of Army service) , so I carry no water for Neo-Confederates trying to make Jim Crow mindlessness seem palatable.... But.... after spending some time reading about John Brown, and the pre-Civil War era, ...I find the links at :

Link #1

Link #2

to be a "must read".

Any assumption of godlike infallibility by the Democratic party ( or those to the left of it ) is a dangerous delusion, and here's why: The business of our Fed government has changed, and has turned into a corrupt race for earmarks, sinecures, and personal advancement, at the expense of the people. This is not a Republican disease. It is a disease embedded now in the Federal machine, and will therefore completely infect the mainly Democratic incumbents, just as it infected the Republicans, in their 8 years of being "above reproach".

I hereby declare to all my principled progressive neighbors.... that what is called for now (post-Bush)... is incessant harsh criticism of the new Democratic government, morally separating your former political support (now no longer needed) from your still-active civic responsibility to restrain the personal hubris of those you have just helped elect.

Good luck on your new mission


I completely agree that, the fourth estate (vs the fifth element?) has failed in its mission as watchdog and the evolution of digital pamphleteers are today's echo of a populist agitprop anti-establishmentarian past.
And, naturally, I love anything that refers to the Civil War as the war of Northern Aggression.
But reading the Revolution Through Revelation, I'm struck by the persistence of a the principle of Principles of Convenience.
By this I mean when Benson writes "For some reason those that took a constitutional states rights position seemed almost reluctant to reply to the Yankee radicals.", as though that condition hasn't changed, I think of the southern conservatives' endless calls for Constitutional amendments banning flag burning, abortion, and gay marriage.
So much for dogmatic devotion to states' rights. They only apply when the right is one they want government meddling stopped - as in the "right" of states to decide to keep slaves.

Aborting babies is bad, but keeping African slaves are ok. Aborting white babies is bad, but killing slave babies is ok, because the state has the right to define them as chattel?

We're neither a pure republic nor a pure democracy, and the push and pull of federal exertion is a key part of freeing slaves and protecting frothing college students' right to burn a flag.

I have read the copperhead chronicle. I have a relative who subscribes and passes it along to me with a few other conservative publications; I always enjoy reading them.
On to Hubris Restraint!

Nursing tops

Their contenders for the crown go to absurd lengths to prove they can out-Jesus the competition and not one of their perfectly coiffed heads allows a single global solution message to pass their perfectly capped and whitened teeth.

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