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May 09, 2007



I wonder what the ethical implication is, of serving Japanese Fugu fish? (When improperly prepared, it can cause immediate seizure & death).

Are extreme Jalapenos immoral, somehow?

Could it be, that lacking a bravery-centered ethical system, our society is collectively seeking the perfect vegetative state of the triplets in "Minority Report"?-- a womb-world?

Would we flourish under it, if we ever attained it?

What if we attained it, and someone less developed manipulated it (as in the movie)?

Has eugenics returned, wearing a mousse-wig?

b tween

fugu fish, peppers, puffer fish, strawberries (if you're alergic) and other potentially lethal foods are completely different in principle.

they kill you dead on the spot.

Hydrogenated oils clog your arteries over time, and if you consume them regularly, likely make you a regular patron of medical businesses and pharmaceutical companies.

It takes years of costly and painful interventions before they get you. And to my point, it's usually the taxpayer who get stuck holding the bag.

I don't wish for nannyism to overtake individual responsibility or reckless courage (for fugu diners), but why should peddlers of stuff like that reap the rewards while the public pays the bill?

Privatisation of profit/publicisation of risk. A long practiced ripoff.


OK, I hear you.

What about tattooes, and STD's from risk-sex? Long term sports injuries? Alcoholism, especially societally blessed, as in Euro-Cosmo vinoculture? Pregnancy "for luv" sans economic self-sufficiency? Hatred stemming from obsolete religio-cultural myths? Car accidents? Jihad? Vendetta as culture?

It seems like the more we learn, the less value is contained in our "wealth" accumulations. What should people want? Buddhists have answers for this, but I hate their tone. You need more than just blankness. You need a life, with a vital quest to it. But after studying money theory, you realize that its just a created charade. If wealth is delusion, does it work backwards? Is delusion then a form of wealth? Is criminal wealth valid wealth? What if most 21st century wealth is essentially criminal? If so, we'd better flap our way right back into the cuckoo's nest ! Was Howard Hughes a happy guy? Michael Jackson? Trump the Dump? Is Nero any less dead than his blind kitchen slave?


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b tween

I know what you mean, and many of those "societal ills" you mention are dealt with by laws. There is no easy solution.

On the subject of Buddhist blankness, I read a crappy murder mystery I found in the rack at the Beacon RR station, that illustrated with a metaphor the difference between the Western and Asian cultural views of life and death.

In America, if a man in a forest is bitten by a poisonous snake, every imaginable effort will be made to save his life. Snakebite kits, airlift ride to the ER and so on.
If a man is bitten by a poisonous snake in a rice paddy in Cambodia, he will sit down and wait to die.

I'm feeling "Asian" about politics these days. I'm not naive, but the magnitude of the surrender is just stunning.

To paraphrase Colbert from last week: the administration knows that when Pelosi and Reid say they're going to get tough, it means they're not.

Agony column. I swear, I'm going to turn this into an agony column.

renaissance costume

"first it was seatbelts, then secondhand smoke and now fatty foods? - I would say that the person who said this is really really ignorant and stupid. I want to punch him on the face. As if these things were not for the good? tsk.. I hope he dies from a car accident, lung cancer or heart attack.. stupid idiot.

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