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April 08, 2007



I know you can't trust me fully, unless I'm Larry Hoppen (the guy who sang "Still the One"), but the actuarial facts are still the actuarial facts, no matter who sings 'em to ya......


b tween

I have a question for Tom:
I saw your email address still up on that guy's green nuke whatever site, and I know it (rightly) bothers you, but I'm curious... have you actually ever received any email? I know that's beside the point of course, but I'm wondering if anybody actually reads it.

Tom Clegg

Hi I just got back from Vermont Yankee. Talk about anti nuke nuts. They have them in abondance over there. Let's see what they are crying for. Suprise an ISA. Not to ease minds or show the plant is safe, but to try to shut it down. Should Entergy dish out money for that ISA too. As for where Entergy is going to find people to run Indian Point. They will get them from the nuclear navy. All the navys aircraft carriers and submariens are run by nuclear power.Yes send me the studies that show organic food is better for you. Look ayt Nov. postings. I sent an interesting post about John Hall. I heard something intersting on the radio a few weeks ago. It seems some secretary stole some secrets from coke and sold them. She got 8 years for it. So someone makes bad tires and people die because of it and no one spends any time in jail. but if you sell cokes secrets you go to jail. MAKES SENCES TO ME! No I have not heard from anybody because of the green posting.


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