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April 17, 2007


Tom Watson

Great post - sums it all up perfectly.


I watched the news in an effort to understand, but it seemed that the media understood even less. I did not want a blow-by-blow account, I did not want the passing of blame, I did not want to hear the carefully crafted questions which were created to put preferred answers in the witnesses/victims' mouths. It turned out I did not need the news. I just needed silence.

B Tween

Unfortunately, silence is the last thing we'll get for some time. I think this one will actually sink the baby-daddy story that's been making us ill for so long now.


It's too late. I agree, not one more word about it, please. I am far less than curious, I have the phenomenon put to bed, over, solved, forever.

It's a style phenomenon. In a Myspace universe, we must each be the Queen Bee at the center of some interest hive. Without it, a modern (young) person does not exist, not in a way that's endurable.

Rather than endure the lonely unendurable, -- a style is adopted. It bears little or no malice. It carries little or no revenge, or any emotion at all.

It says , simply " I am as important as you. Here is the proof"

With others spending years forming careers, romances, cult groups, or whatever, the stark efficiency of this new paradigm is almost admirable.

In an hour or two, I overcome your smugness, utterly.

I am Columbine


Check out the true human animal.......


b tween

not to worry. Once our ignorant and befuddled congress realizes that war-torn Africa is sitting on bazillions of barrels of energy security that China is working on securing for itself, we will start pointing barrels of guns at barrels of oil while painting "save the children!" on our signs. The Times is setting the table nicely for the party.

fertileaid views

i like the last paragraph "Hug your babies, and be grateful they're safe and well. Say a prayer for the families who aren't so lucky. Turn off the TV and go to bed."
i agree with that.

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