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March 04, 2007


chuck abbate

poor ann she Cant Understand Normal Thinking!!!!

Milo Freeman

As an unabashed blue-state Yankee, I must say I am quite pleased to see a blog of this nature. The commentary is razor-sharp and the Confederate flag graphic in the background is hilarious. I think you've got a very well-considered and insightful blog here, and I will most definitely be back. Keep it coming.

M. Freeman


Hey, Brendan, I see you were impressed by my "Hole that gets dug but never filled" analogy.

Thanks for the reference!

It's a deeper concept than it seems at first.War is simply a lot of it, done indiscriminately.

Some of the Army Corps of Engineers projects seem to be absolutely pure hole.

And..... mindless belief in tearing down useful civic infrastructure, without any replacement is an anarchist's version of it.

I just read about a Buddha statue where the great one is giving us all the finger.(For real) Seems in old China, the middle finger pointed up represented oneness with the universe.

Being a kind of "suspended between planes" blue collar Bubba-with a personal library, I find the finger-of-oneness very useful in this life, where so many social discrimination issues have been subtly greenwashed by being subsumed in ostensibly altruistic drives for "world betterment".

It's all about upping the "crypto" portion of our innate crypto fascism, and hiding our cruelty under wraps (as in buying carbon offset credits).

Once we get the "Crypto" part nice and perfumed, locked up, & buried, then we can act on the fascism portion, and start calling others Bubba. Its easy!

Sure, I would like to see world peace, a tourist haven in Darfur, free power from sunbeams, and a Woodstock concert every Friday night, but first I have to educate John Hall that I want it all, so he can begin his "noble" work.

In the meantime, my personal enlightenment is impeded by having to work for crass devilish masters,endless disagreement with domestic partners who refuse to save enough money, and a society that has no name for my personality type/sex preference/entertainment desires, and ultimate life-hopes.

It's not about being "above faggotry", its about cruel monkey-derived psychosexual cruelty driving almost every elitist rant around,... who gets the girl, who gets elected, who gets into Scarsdale High, who gets an inheritance, and who has to travel 36 hours in the back of a stinking 18 wheeler with 50 other peons to just find work.

Its about splitting the human pie unfairly, and having a great and noble cover story to explain why its really fair to do so.

(Al Gore comes to mind).

Monkey deception. Self deception. Self aggrandizement. Secret advantage over others. St Francis of Assisi, who was not a sissy, would be mortified.

But we don't listen to holy joe faggotry like that anymore, do we?

We be moderne!

Anybody know a good Guatemalan nanny I can put up in my garage?



Who the heck is Anne Coulter, anyway?

check out:

then erase the link, if you like.

Have a nice weekend.


Too bad you retired.

Nobody to talk to around here. (Sherman Martinelli is no fun at all)...I just commented on your Loisaida CBGB's post. Read up, see how the generation before punk lived, and treat your diva nice for no reason today.


B Tween

I like that hole analogy very much, it's very apt and extends way beyond the basic meaning. I still think you should allow comments on the blog - you can moderate them and delete the brainless attacks.
True, it's labor intensive when your views attract tireless activist-typists who deeply despise (or adore) the subjects you write about.
I take exception to your comment a couple weeks ago that suggested I was sinking into partisanship when I pointed out that the Democrat congress would exact a pound of flesh from the president for his constant abuse of the party's name. I think they should laugh it off for the stupidity it magnifies. A more appropriate response, in my mind, would be to refer to the Republican party only as the Nookyuler party.
Wouldn't it be a laugh riot to hear Nancy Pelosi say "the floor goes to the Nookyuler Congressman from Cattleprod"?
But people are as people does, and they will do little needling things like threaten to subpoena the attorney general for actions he undertook that were perfectly legal and routine.
Of all the things they could keelhaul him for, they pick this!
It's harrassment, plain and simple. And while I don't condone partisanship - because I really do believe fundamentally that most opinions have value in any debate - I fully understand why they're doing it.
I have a neighbor who calls the cops every time I park past the time printed on the sign in front of my house. She does this because she reads my blog and she doesn't like it one bit. She says I "make fun of Republicans" (which I never do. I make fun of red-handed criminals, hypocrites and basic silliness no matter what pary any of it hails from.) Nonetheless, she's within her rights to do what she's doing, so consequently, I'm more careful about how I park my car. No skin off my back.
In this spirit, the president should be more careful about how he says his opposition party's name, because they're calling the cops, and now he's getting tickets too. Uttering -ic at the end of Democrat would be no skin off his back, but he won't do it. Collegiality, cooperation, uniter-not-a-divider-be damned.
And you say I'm partisan? Hah.
I'm a simple farm boy recently off the turnip truck compared to these guys.

b tween

oh, and thanks Milo. The only thing wrong with being a blue state yankee is that, well... the Yankees use the name too.
Let's go Metropolitans!

b tween

Who is Ann Coulter? That's a good question. The Post calls her a beautiful, brainy statuesque blonde. I think she's tall, hatchet-faced and stupid.
Like any good whore, she whispers sweet venom into the ears of the people whose pockets she wishes to pick.
So, to summarize, she's a beautiful, tall, hatchet-faced, statuesque blonde whore with money-magnet sweet talk for conventioneers.

And ren, how in heaven's name did so much radiation get from Indian Point all the way to Great Kills Park on Staten Island? Bet it was those strontium-eating fish they didn't catch what brought it there!

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