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January 22, 2007



After spending some 6 years de-balling Bush, why expect him to do anything effective? If I were him, I'd be getting my retirement digs with the Sultan of Brunei set up, just in case congress decides to impeach. Next time he heads east, just watch, Bush & Jacko sharing pool cabanas in Brunei.

Tell me--- what's the difference if seawater inundates my shore house in Peekskill, or if Ginsberg development condemns it under eminent domain? Answer: No difference.

America is awash with extraneous influence, both foreign and domestic, and Bush-the-idiot's one great quality was that he put America first. Well, now all you near geniuses of the whiney left have destroyed the poor guy, and you have nobody.

Enjoy what you've done, and oh--- by the way--- did I mention....

b tween

Goodness, Ren. You give the whiney left way more credit than I ever would have expected you to.
You say they de-balled and destroyed Bush? You think they possessed that kind of power? I don't.

He destroyed himself. Nobody can operate with the kind of hubris he did
and get away with it for very long.
And he put America first you say?
Please. You're too smart to purport something so facile.
America's well being is represented by the dollar, and his encouraging the Fed to devalue the dollar by running the printing
presses wildly for 6 years, then squandering a trillion of those dollars in Iraq, is not putting America first.
The Chinese will keep the yuan pegged to the dollar for as long as we continue to devalue it. They're practically the only
country that has called that spade for the spade it is, and won't allow us to steal their wealth through currency manipulation.

I'm amused by people who call our economy "robust" and "healthy" and say "inflation" (for the bogus measure that is is)
is under "control". Inflation is in double digits no matter what the Fed tells you, and central bankers the world over
know that, and are "diversifying" out of the dollar to protect themselves from the boondoggle.

The Dow is not doing well in terms of expansion of wealth.
It's doing well relative to a critically expanding supply of regressive-worth dollars.

Look at the Dow versus the euro or gold. (www.bigcharts.com) The picture of our economy's health is better observed from outside.

Since Roman times it's been true that a man could buy a good suit with an ounce of gold. That measure has applied all the way through the middle ages to today.
That measure of an economy's health is much more palpable in my mind than the Dow or the dollar index.

On another topic...

Uranium hit 75 last week in spot trading. While you're correct when you say the cost of uranium is not high relative to plant consumption to energy output (yet),
plant managers in India and China are locking in all the uranium they can get at any price. As more plants come online in those countries, there will be even less.
I'm sure you are aware that there's a global uranium deficit on the order of 200MM lbs consumed a year against 100MM produced.
That kind of deficit, especially after the Cigar Lake flood, is going to create a crisis, and it's a near certainty that the lights
are going to go out in the places where the uranium buyers didn't act right now.
Forget Riverkeeper and IPSEC, Indian Point may close because there's no uranium to be had.

I'd recommend rather than spending millions on keeping the great-grandaddy of nuke disasters-in-waiting open, they should spend
their time and money converting it to thorium and let the uranium crisis that's bearing down on us be somebody else's problem.

Nursing PJs

i love people who give out help from the utmost being of their hearts. nice one!

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