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November 01, 2006


blue girl

While there are people that are highly educated that join the military -- you are *exactly* right about those who are not having to make the choice between the fast food industry or the military.

Why is that degrading *at all* to say? It's not. It's reality. It's the truth. It what I say 10 million times a day to my own son.

B, *love* your category up there!



Thanks BG. I realized I would NEVER write anything about any of the out of the box categories typepad has, so I got rid of them.
The sad part about the Kerry "botched joke" is that the Republicans were able to completely define the discourse, turning the joke around and using it to impale Kerry, when in reality, the joke really was a dis of Bush.
This is a chronic Dem problem, not being able to get past the siege mentality they've lived under for the last 12 years.
Hopefully this electoral swing left will put some chicken in their noodle soup.
mmmm cookies....


You've missed it entirely.

As a pretender for national office, and therefore one claiming to possess the needed vision of renewal, uplift, conciliation, healing, and patriotism,
Kerry comes a cropper, bigtime.

You Dems are lucky to be rid of him.
He's a jerk, with no center.
You need candidates who do not just oppose, and Mr. Kohn (that's his real surname, did you know?) just opposes.

Be glad he fell on his sword.



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