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November 06, 2006



I'm picking Mallard Fillmore, ( the black duck of the Millard Fillmore dynasty)

b tween

I'm for the Original Winnie the Pooh(TM) personally. He'd make a great comptroller. He'd keep all our money in a hunny jar, where it would be safe.

Winnie The Pooh Free Coloring Pages

Yes exactly.I will just get there and vote what I love from those options. My decision is clear, The Pooh. Thanks. From winnie the pooh free coloring pages

Nursing pajamas

if i was there, i wouldn't know who. but vote by heart on that day.

fertileaid views

i was there too.... wew! i didn't notice that it was already almost 4 years.

seo blogs

Good post!...if only i was there,then I would really vote...

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