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November 04, 2006



I know the gentleman who wrote that letter, and he is no Republican shill. Although none of us have seriously worried about communism for at least 30 years, it's not through ignorance that it is mentioned. In fact YOU show a blissful ignorance of how Corliss Lamont, the communist who resisted the McCarthy hearings, changed the name of his credo to "Humanism" immediately afterwards, and advised his penniless entertainer friend Pete Seeger (also a card carrying communist) to likewise change the name of his belief, for safety's sake. The same communist group, centered on the wealth of the Lamont family, has been everpresent in regional politics, financing Ned Lamont for one (Corliss Lamont's nephew), Richard Brodsky, and others. Please note Brodsky gets re-elected and re-elected. Why? Lamont cash. Humanist cash. Humanist=communist, with a whitewash.
Perennial antinuke harpie Connie Hogarth is a direct recipient of Corliss Lamont cash, as well as Marilyn Elie, and Mark Jacobs.
Corliss Lamont met Bill Clinton, and died in the late 1990's, in his late nineties, after marrying fourth wife Beth Keehner Lamont, who was decades younger than the ancient Corliss, but who carries on the "Humanist" hijinks at the Lamont estate in Ossining. She allows any political group free organizing space, cash, media help, and moral support, PROVIDED it fits Corliss Lamont's humanist agenda.
Of course that humanist agenda was worked out in the 1930's by the IWW, and the CPUSA, and carried forward by billionaire Lamont.

Mr. Hall is just pandering, and has no idea he is joining an ongoing humanist/communist effort, and if they have their way, he may never find out, simply taking his aggrieved overconcern about the environment and Indian Point to be his OWN ideas, when they have been planted in local discussion for him to find, like hansel & gretel crumbs, by the Lamonts, Hogarths, Seegers, and Brodsky's--- good "Humanists" all. (The "Internationale now plays softly).

Have a nice day.


Oh, and by the way, the planting of the inept Bush presidency as a ghost-candidacy, running against such truly gifted local politicians as Sue Kelly, is a straightforward (and cynical) bait & switch operation.

She is not Bush, nor is she the discredited idiot rightwing preacher caught in the motel.

She is a triumphant example of a woman politician, grown in stature to the point of full acceptance in the 535 member congress, bringing local concerns to Washington via her powerful committee appointments, appointments freshman Hall has no idea how to fulfill.

Electioneering by inuendo is an insult. John Hall needs mucho seasoning, before being anything but a bald bundle of wannabe.

Vote him in, and watch taxes rise, illegal alien poverty explode, and local real estate go off the map, as the last vestiges of blue collar employment disappear offshore, and the region's economy collapses, of its own unattainable "preferences".

Mark my words--
I've already bought MY property in North Carolina.
When are YOU going?

b tween

At the level of the American House of Lords, there's one party and it's Green. All of the relationships you mention are among people who live at Senate or above, and they are the American Royal court if there ever was one. They are a private club that you (presumably) and I will never belong to, and they are as much a social problem as the Dukes and Dutchesses of medieval England.
They serve one God, and he's green. They call him Jesus, Allah, humanist, etc., but at the end of the day, it's about money.

Sue Kelly is no gifted politician. A gifted politician would not have pulled a Kerry and crumpled at the first sign of serious opposition. Republicans still malign him for failing to take the Swiftboaters head on.

I malign Kelly for her pitiful retreat from Hall, and for resorting to absolutely pathetic smear/fearmongering with the hilarious but desperate Kim Il Jong mailer.

You think Kelly brought home the bacon to the district and got federal money for business in the HV?
Give me a break. She's no Al D'amato, and let's be realistic: property taxes are where they are because the Federal government cut money to the states, but the states still need to run schools, hospitals, pay police and firemen, etc. The payor changed, the amount didn't. She didn't cut taxes, she shifted them to someone else. You'll note that the tax cuts to the wealthy were "revenue neutral". Know what that means? Others who aren't wealthy had to make up the difference. And why is she silent on the Alternative Minimum Tax? You will be hearing from that baby next year if you make over $52,000 - which the bulk of her constituency does.

So, my taxes are going to go up dramatically under Kelly, you watch.

The incredibly reckless spending of the 109th congress is going to be something that sucks money out of American pockets for *generations*. 8,500,000,000,000 dollars in debt to the Chinese.

She won't raise taxes?

Somehow, that debt, and the incredible amounts of money needed simply to service that debt, are going to appear out of thin air?

Where's it going to come from?

The Fed thinks it has power to manipulate the global market and "control inflation" when the ONLY source of monetary expansion happens when the government prints more money.

The government creates inflation, then tries to "control" it by raising the base interest rate.

The treasury and Fed are playing a shell game with your money, and you allow it to happen.

In the end, your taxes are going to go up no matter which party is in charge.

On the matter of energy, I've said before that I disagree with the local Dems. I think nuclear is the only realistic short term solution we have at hand at this point in the development of non-fossil-fuel energy generation. But there are better technologies, like nuclear pebble bed reactors, that make core reactors like Indian Point obsolete. And Indian Point, because of its age and its history of leaks and other problems, as well as there being NO evacuation plan in case of emergency, must be closed.

Hall's small-head hydro plants are feasible - and it's the only damned new idea I've heard that might work.

So while both sides harp on Indian Point's value, the hard look that should be taken at alternatives is overlooked.

I'm not a lifelong Democrat. I wasn't a member of any political party until a few years ago when I realized that the Republican party had been completely co-opted by radical, ideology-obsessed neo-cons, who pose a huge danger to our economy, security and American way of life. The pre-emptive doctrine is insanity, and talk about communists! That's so Soviet we might as well change out our flag now!

Kelly and her ilk blather endless platitudes about national security and terrorism, but haven't done a damned thing to actually make us safer. Wide open borders, wide open ports - it's madness in this age of lunatics with no boundary or restraint to leave ourselves naked.

And don't even mention immigration to me. She and her party have had absolute power for years and they have not done a damned thing about it.

And nationalized healthcare versus privatized/savings accounts?

You say this will raise taxes? Yes it will, that's true. But it will also mean that small business won't have to pay for it, and that money that comes out of your pocket for your healthcare will stay where it belongs - in your pocket.

A healthcare tax will actually be a tax cut, but the difference will be that the 40 million Americans without coverage will finally have the same level of healthcare as Iraqi citizens (by which I mean full, universal coverage that's paid for by the US Government!).

I like John Hall's ideas, they are feasible, and they are not driven by their value of service to the wealthy and their potential to generate ungodly profits for a few major corporations.

Kelly is a hack without an original idea or substantial plan, and now more than ever, it's time to try something new.


Wow! What Pot Pourri of insightful analysis, but you reach the wrong conclusion.

Whatever Kelly's lacks, or omissions, Hall's determination to go against the congressional grain, the business grain, and the power distribution grain, is gonna cause a whole lot of discomfort all around, before you and he both realize that none of his "fresh proposals" have any constituency, especially in the bodies (mentioned above) that he will have just offended.

Those bodies will have to LIKE Hall, before giving him the time of day.

Have you noticed (I have).... John Hall is not real likable. He's dour, contrary, smug about a small grain of knowlege, and ignorant of real America (outside of the Poughkeepsie suburban belt).

This going to be a lot more difficult than setting up a diaper-service route, and posting a few pie-in-sky blog notes.

There ARE no opportunities for low head hydro in the majority of areas in the region. (I know your Beacon has a great raging stream coming through town--- it is the exception).

Good luck keeping all those fannies dry, its a thankless task.

535 witless hacks in congress aint gonna take lightly to being smug-razzed by a snotty bald guy, whose naked album cover is posted up on flickr.... believe me.

b tween

Hah! Great post. You're right about the complexity, which is why I am not running for Congress.

I guess you missed Hall's appearance on Colbert, a smashing success that showed he's personable, serious yet quite funny.

Which takes us to the "need to get along in the House" point.

It assumes that Hall will be the only new Democrat in a hostile congress, which at this time seems highly unlikely. He will be among friends who represent a public that is so disillusioned by the direction the Republicans have taken this country, that they will choose leaders who have offered (nationally, anyway) little in cohesive alternatives.

The People are (correctly) saying "anything but the same old thing".

The Republicans have failed America in so many ways, it will take generations to undo the damage.

I'm a pragmatists, not a pie in the sky liberal. I believe that a nation must have a solid bottom - a healthy underclass - in order to prosper at the top. A structure (like ours) that is too top heavy will collapse under the weight - as ours did in 1929.
To say this country has prospered under the neo-conservative economic policies of Bush and the 109th Congress is a farce.
Tax cuts for the wealthy serve the wealthy only. There was no trickle down of wealth.
We are a nation with negative savings, staggering personal debt, stagnating income, a teetering dollar, booming commodities prices (which translate to higher consumer prices), healthcare policies that are a disgrace in the industrial world, and government agencies like EPA, FDA, FCC, DOI, DOT and DOE that are controlled by people from the industries they are supposed to oversee. We are wide open to terrorist attack in our ports, chemical and energy sectors, while dishonest, self-serving no-bid contracts have allowed a few greedy companies to profit outrageously off the public till.

The People know this. The incumbents ignore it at their peril.

What kind of Congress loses to a party that (nationally) offers little in the form of cohesive alternative? A corrupt one whose hubris knows no bounds. The one that's right now in a futile campaign for its survival.

Enough is enough my friend. I don't care how many potholes Sue Kelly has gotten filled in Beacon. I want a safe, stable and prosperous America for my children and grandchildren, not Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel, Gilead Sciences, Carlyle Group, etc etc etc etc etc/.


So its the nude, guitar-strumming Newt Gingrich-of-the-left?

Here's a bit of deja vu: (from Wikipedia)
1994 Election....
The Democratic Party had run the House for forty years and had been plagued by a series of scandals. The Republican Party, united behind Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, which promised floor votes on various popular and institutional reforms, was able to capitalize on the perception that the House leadership was corrupt.

What else is new?

The essence of life in congress is giving votes to get earmarks. You give your vote for a colleague's bill, and in return he seconds your earmark for a cash grant to some local business back in Beacon, Dover Plains, or Chicago.

Depending on the size and number of your earmarks you get re-election cash from back home moneybaggers, and a secure job somewhere in their car dealership or whatever, after you leave congress. This corruption is bipartisan, widespread, and NOT viewed as corrupt by either party. It's their method of doing business. Sorry. Its more complex than dumping old diapers.

What in the ever luvvin sam hill is John Hall gonna do?

Join in?

He'd better, or get ostracized.

Refuse to join in?
No bill of his will ever get any support.

Question 4U:
Once he joins in, where's your argument for change?
(especially in light of the fact we had this conversation in 1994)

Opposite Question:
Once he objects to earmarking & vote trading, where's his power to do a damn thing?

If I am sending an emissary to a crook's convention, I want to send a crook. That way MY crook will steal some benefits for me from THEIR crooks.

And that's how it works, Mr. Tween

Do you have that inverted star tattoo?


As far as Tom Cleg's Commies in the woodpile, check out:

(No, I'm not talking about Skamunists).

b tween

I love the "open" Croton blog and its single post. How it's run anonymously by "WEBMASTER" and especially how you Kelly wonks have resorted to attacking me personally.

Ren, I'm not the issue.

Kelly is.

Commuinsts aren't the issue.

Kelly is.

I'm not the problem.

Kelly is.

You seem to enjoy trying to tweak me by making fun of me (and Hall for that matter) as though being successful in the arts is bad. I enjoy it too, because it's the surest sign of substantial weakness possible.

Your "Westchester Illuminati" family trees are a huge yawn - there are corrupt rich people everywhere. It's just that the ones that directly impact me are the ones I talk about.

Want to see where the real money is? Look at Rumsfeld's financial statements.

For that matter, check out Sue Kelly's - she's the 39th richest member of the House of Representatives.

And the essence of life in THIS Congress is getting earmarks. That's a relatively "new" and totally unethical pork politics practice.

Paygo is the waygo.

Stop Republicans from spending China's money.

Stop Republicans from earmarking Bridges to Nowhere.

Stop multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts.

Stop the corruption.


Hey live response!

This is great.

Screw Sue, I don't care.

You Saying:
"Stop the corruption"
is exactly like you joining a holy roller church , and bathing in the waters.....
Its religious, emotional, wishful, the devil's world (this planet) versus an imagined perfect (or more perfect) world -- essentially neo-Platonic wishing for the ideal to have some real existence other than as the mean , or average of a collection.

It doesn't, though.

The saving grace of the USA system, is how it pursues a sham surface democracy, while allowing a grab-as-grab-can plutocracy of greed.

We will not change mankind this millennium. Maybe next millennium, but I doubt it. I don't think the race is gonna survive that long.

I worked long and hard educating Sue Kelly, and I'm pissed at having to start over again with Orleans, I'm getting tired of all this mentoring.

I want some damn payback.

Hall iz gonna hit his Conger seat, and meet a very savvy guy in the hallway, who pulls him aside and sez : "I know a way we can save 10,000 orphans in Namibia AND make a killing on it"

Hall will have to sell or smell.

It won't even take 30 days to happen.



Oh by the way, I'm a lifelong member of Musician's local 802, and BMI.

Over 800 songs to my credit.

I find your amusement at my "hatred of the arts" amusing.

Tom W.

Hey did you guys see Sue Kelly run? You see her at the editorial board meeting? I heard there's some really neat videos up on the SeriesOfYouTubes on her - she's made for prime time!

b tween

There's a significant difference between making a killing while saving 10,000 namibian orphans and merely making a killing.
The tamiflu scam is a perfect example.
Relenza is a better drug, but the governemt stockpiles tamiflu. Can you say the direct financial benefit reaped by G. Schultz and D. Rumsfeld are mere;y a happy coincidence?
I *know* how political horsetrading works. And I know it's a necessary part of the compromise and concession model that has more or less worked for so long - until single party rule took horse trading out of the equation.
Single party rule turned the "help Namibian orphans and make a killing" into "make a killing and probably not get caught breaking the law that we can always change".
I wouldn't brag about training anybody to do that.
The issue is, and has been for the last 6 years, unchecked power.
I hate trotting out platitudes, but it fits: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Nobody has been watching and by opening legislation and legislators to the light of day, you put a check on abuses of power like anonymously adding codicils to legislation that benefit individuals (such as the indemnification of Eli Lily against thimerasol-related damages suits that was slipped totally anonymously into the Patriot Act).
We will see tomorrow just how tired Americans are of this kind of sleaze.
My bet is on "pretty tired".


I agree with you, actually....


The essential thing to remember is not to set yourself back, in your effort to go forward. Examples abound. Chairman Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution comes easily to mind (His "Great Leap Forward). It ran on disgust with entrenched corruption, entrenched selfishness, lack of human concern for each other, so-called professional peoples' attempts to seem better than most others, others whom they would mind-fuck, and then exploit as labor animals, etc., etc.
They tried real hard to rid China of this corruption.
You and I need not discuss the result.
It was a total catastrophe.

Another such hope-spasm
was the series of revolutions, starting in 1805,
that resulted in Lenin's Bolshevik revolution of 1917.
I have a collection of bolshevik posters on my wall in my house.
It was a great time. I know you must have read "10 days that shook the world"
If not, do so. The best of times indeed, for the young and the hopeful.
By the way, it resulted in 70 years of earthly horror,
which still lives on today in a corrupt Russia.

Want more?

OK The first Crusade.

The Children's crusade.

The Reformation.

Punk Rock.

Free sex as entertainment, for all. (HIV)

The National Organization of Women.

The Haitian revolution.

The Khmer Rouge revolution (the killing fields)


You name it, its been tried.
It comes on with great hopes,
messes up, and sets everybody back 300 years.
(at least... sometimes 1000 years).

Tell me I'm wrong, my friend.
Tell me that this is THE ONE TIME IN ALL HISTORY

Then tell me why.
I'm all ears.

Here's a few sites using your blogname
before you chose it.







b tween

Antagonism among the branches of government is what keeps the others honest.
All of those revolutions you list had consequences (in varying degrees) much like the Republican Revolution that swept out a corrupt Dem congress.

What will happen tomorrow is that one of the three branches of government will return to its rightful place of antagonistism to the executive and judicial branches.

There won't be a revolution, but there will be a return to transparency.

There won't be anybody willing to cover up for anyone else. There will be an end to rubber stamp legislation.

Congress will be forced to work in the interests of the people because the balances of the checks that have been absent for so long will be restored.

That's how and why political neophytes will
return balance to the universe. Opposition will no longer be crushed as easily as it has been over the last few terms.

It'll at least be a hell of a party, and I'm sure the band will be great!


And how about any savvy enemy, lurking somewhere, aware of all our internal antagonisms, with a sleeper or two in the congress, to destroy any logical unity position liable to be reqired in a fast changing international scene?

(let's say, North Korea does an air-burst nuke test over Kodiak Island?)

Would you want an enforced (crushed-opposition) unity, or a prophylactic dissent, facing the world on that day?

b tween

Support for the invasion of afghanistan was almost universal in the US after 9/11.

When we were attacked by a real enemy, partisanship went out the window and we almost took out the taliban.

Your "scenario" reminds me of the "mushroom cloud" claptrap of 2004.

Iraq was built on lies and has absolutely no relevance in a discussion of actual threats to the US.

I have absolutely no doubt that if any country, even an ally, were to conduct an act of war using a real (as opposed to imagined) WMD like you describe, that any President's reaction would be swift and sure.

The most internationalist pacifist would respond militarily to such an act.

You think that opposition to the War in Iraq has anything to do with a posture on war in general?

You think John Hall would vote against using the military against a nation that attacked the "homeland" in any form?

You're wrong.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
Saddam hated the fundamentalists because they threatened the stability of his regime.
Osama hated him because he was a secular/bad muslim. They weren't working together on anything.

So, going back to your "pretexts for war" post - what do you think was the rationale behind invading Iraq?

It certainly wasn't WMDs, and it certainly wasn't because there was an immediate threat, or some fantasists "spreading democracy" nonsense...

And if it wasn't for oil, then why did we do it?

Is there any good reason to keep someone like Sue Kelly, who is after all the primary subject of the day, in office?

Congressman Pothole doesn't cut it when our soldiers are dying for... what?

Thomas Clegg

I was browsing the computer and look what I found on some obscure message board that criticized my letter in the Poughkeepsie Journal. First if my letter was so laughable why didn’t you respond to it in the newspaper? That way I would have a chance to respond back. I have gone to see John Hall. I was totally unimpressed. As someone who makes electricity I knew John Hall was blowing smoke up peoples asses. Note the New York Times does not make electricity so their knowledge of how to make power is limited. In the primary I campaigned for Darren Rigger a real Democrat who would have fought for the rights of the working class people. Right now our new Governor wants to cut jobs in the health care industry. That would be local 1199 health care workers. That local endorsed John Hall. Strange how quiet John is. I guess John got what he wanted (votes) and now he ignores his supporters when they need him to fight for them. Why did John Hall move to this area? Maybe because he didn’t want to run against his good friend Hinchey (say carpetbagger). Yes it is bubblegum music! I hear John’s music too (when I am in the waiting room of my dentist office). Listening his music is more painful then the Dentist drill! When I went to hear Mr. Hall he promised to send me a copy of his plan for replacing Indian Point. I am still waiting.
So let’s see after John’s first term, When NO new hydro plants are built, When Indian Point gets life extension, when local 1199 workers are laid off. When Social Security is still in the same mess it is in now. Will John Hall win a second term?

b tween

Wow, it is an obscure message board, and I'm honored you're responding personally to that post. I am honestly surprised every time somebody posts a comment.
On the letter: what I found funny was the Pete Seeger -communist thing.

Who cares about communism during troubled times like these? It's no threat to anything (outside of China, of course) and it doesn't matter to anybody on earth - besides Fidel Castro, North Korea and my grandfather, of course. Do you support a repressive Communist regime by purchasing Chinese-manufactured goods? THAT is the real threat of communism to America and the American way of life, not Seeger.

Pete Seeger, regardless of his political affiliations, has done a tremendous amount of work to make our town a better place. The Beacon Sloop Club, which he started, is *WHY* the Foss Group is planning to build a 180 room hotel and conference center down at the train station.

That project will bring many decent jobs to Beacon, expand our tax base significantly - which will take a lot of pressure off residents.

And on the matter of John Hall: he has shown he's a shrewder politician than anybody who voted for or against him ever expected. He's demonstrated a willingness to take risks in order to achieve compromise and get things done that benefit the people, not the aristocracy. For example, the work he's doing for wounded veterans who have been completely - and disgracefully - abandoned by the Bush administration. And there's his yea-vote on the recent war funding bill: on pure principle (and his campaign talk) he should have voted no. He didn't because he knows that wholesale fund-cutting for Iraq is not feasible.

No congressman can single-handedly change the world overnight. Social Security, healthcare and all the other issues are in such disrepair right now because the Congress we had for the previous 6 years failed to act in their constitutional role as a check or balance. They let the Bush administration run roughshod over common-sense. Honestly - tax cuts for the rich during wartime? Absurd!

Americans have become consumer-sheep with plasma TVs and $150 sneakers. Media deregulation has had dire consequences. Our nation operates at a massive deficit both nationally and as individuals. We have no savings, and with our shipping of manufacturing overseas, we have no real way to pay it off. A coffe-culture economy won't do it.

We're taking the Communist's money to float our economy, and who do you think is going to foot the bill? The 39th wealthiest member of congress (sue kelly), who you supported so strongly, voted herself a sweet tax break, that you and I (assuming you're not mega-rich) at footing the bill for. She basks in wealth that you and I and 30 of our friends won't earn in 10 lifetimes. I don't support politicians who serve themselves first, and stick it to me in the process.

On the question of Indian Point, if you read my endless back and forth with the strongly pro-IP Ren on the topic, you'll see what I think.

I don't oppose development of nuclear energy - I know we need it because NIMBYism is killing every sensible alternative energy project before it can be birthed.

And now we're falling way behind India and China. With supply contracts, which hit $95/lb last week, being snapped up by other countries, we need a sensible approach to electricity generation, that we don't have.

On the question of the ISA: As Americans, we have damn good reason to distrust government regulators. The FDA, EPA, NRC and so on have been completely co-opted by the industries they are intended to regulate, that the "regulations" they publish usually do The People more harm than good. "Clear Skies Act", my ass.

So, if Indian Point is all that safe, why not throw open the doors to outside inspection?

I suggested we bring in a neutral team of Scandinavian or German nuke experts to go over it. I wouldn't trust any report from anybody who has a vested interest in the outcome, whether that person or group worked for the pro or con side.

I want as *untainted* a review as possible, and I don't trust any American entity to give me one.

Honestly, the record IP has over the last few years is enough to cause anybody concern.

Add to that Entergy's defensive posture and I become even more concerned.

If there's nothing to hide, why hide nothing?

As I've said in other posts, confronting the "new sherriff" with hostility is a sure way to mobilize himm against you.

Like, look at what's going on with the Attorney General and the DA firings! It was such a non-issue - Clinton fired them ALL and nobody (in a *hostile congress* did anything about it. But the Bush administration's posture toward congress is what got their attention, so what should have been a tempest in a teapot is now a major national issue.

I believe it's a losing game for Entergy. The more they oppose an ISA, the louder the demands will become. And the ones demanding it now pretty much hold all the cards. If Entergy had any skill at managing what is a burgeoning crisis, they would be working to win over the hearts and minds of the people - and the best way to do that is to try not to appear guilty.

Will John Hall win a second term?

So far, my guess is yes. He's done well in the 90 days he's been in there, and he still has about 500 more days to go.

And on the matter of bubblegum songs: your dentist must play PDH in his office, cause that's the only place I ever hear "Still the One", besides youtube videos of Bush campaign rallies, of course.

b tween

Before I forget, here's a link to the Hall plan to replace Indian Point. I don't love it, I think burning food for (automotive or electrical) energy is absolute insanity, but at least somebody is thinking about the question.

Tom Clegg

To start off with it is Scenic Hudson that has to do with the hotel being built not Beacon Slop Club. If the hotel fails and is left abandon it will ruin water front in Beacon! As for Sue Kelly she did not lose to John Hall. It was Bush’s war that people voted against. That more than anything else is why Sue Kelly lost. Remember Sue only lost by 5,000 votes. So John Hall held concerts with semi famous rock stars (electric for the concerts supplied by Indian Point.) And he still only won by 5,000 votes. I personally would rather vote for someone who is truly willing to fight for the working class. Neither Sue Kelly nor John Hall do I feel are really for the working class. Giving out tax breaks while our national depth grows is absurd! But the average person now a days does not want to look at what the consequences of these tax breaks are. It’s the what’s in it for me generation. For example I work with a guy that says he pays too much in taxes. Yet this same person owns his own house in Connecticut, 3 cars, a Harley Davison motorcycle, 4 TV.’s, 2 computers, DVD players, ect, ect, ect. Get my point. He voted for Bush because he was getting money back. This is what people vote for! As for the ISA, here is why I am opposed to it. The only reason the anti-nukes want it is they think the ISA is what closed Maine Yankee. In truth it was cable separation issues that closed Main Yankee. (Indian Points cable separation issues are taken care of.) This was when electric companies were regulated and they made money closing plants. An ISA cost money and will make it more expensive for the costumer. One of the plots of the anti nukes is to make nuclear power so expensive they can’t be competitive and will have to close. You can trust the NRC. The anti’s did when the NRC gave Indian Point unit 2 a red rating. Now when it doesn’t fit their agenda they cry you can’t trust the NRC. Indian Point has been running safe for 30 years with no harm to the public. So tell me why we need an ISA. What problems! Look at who is telling you that Indian Point is not safe. People with NO nuclear background and no background in making electric. The sad part is you listen to them and question the integrity of people like me who work in the industry. As for John Halls proposal for replacing Indian Point. It is garbage! There are just too many holes in his plan to write. But if you wish to discuss it with me I am the only Thomas Clegg in the phone book that lives in Beacon.
By the way let me educate you on some facts about nuclear power and what it takes to make electricity. We will take 1,000 mega watts. That powers about 1 million homes. The only reliable ways to do this is oil, coal or nuclear. Forget about wind or solar. They only produce electric about 25% of the time.Indian Point produces power about 95% of the time) So if you can do with out electric 75% of the time (and not have the choice when.) wind or solar are for you. As for hydro we have dammed about all we can dam, and if you have a freeze over or a drought you loose power. Plus nobody mentions how many fish hydro plants kill. So that leaves oil, coal and nuclear. In order to make 1,000 mega watts it takes 40,000 barrels of oil a day (24 gallons is a barrel) or 9 tons of coal a day. In the nuclear plant we use about 9 pounds of uranium a day to make 1,000 mega watts.
As for safety at Indian Point. I will try to explain defense in dept. Let’s take Indian Point’s unit two back up systems for loss of outside power. If we lose power to the station. We have Bucanahan sub station to supply us with power to run our safety systems until we get power back. But if we should lose Bucanhan sub – station. On site we have 3 emergency diesel generators. Anyone of the three diesel generators can supply us with enough power to keep our safety systems running until we get power back. But if we should lose outside power, Bucanhan sub-station, and 3 diesel generators. We have 3 gas turbines. Anyone of the gas turbines supply use with enough power to keep our safety systems running until we get power back. But if we lose outside power, Bucanhan sub- station, 3 emergency diesel generators, 3 gas turbines. On site we have battery banks to supply us with power to keep our safety systems running until we get power back. All this plus we can tap into unit 3’s backup systems. This is what our safety systems are like. We don’t rely on single backup.

b tween

I don't disagree with much you wrote at all. I've said all along that nuclear is our only real option to supply growing demands AND to stop using the skies as a CO2 sewer.

We'd have to cover the country with solar panels and wind turbines, and dam every river to make up for the power another hundred nuke plants could generate.

Why we're not planning them is beyond me, and is madness.

I think it's more of an immediate concern that the coal plants across the river from us bring us the dirtiest air in the state. I'd gladly replace them with a pebble bed reactor tomorrow.

But you have a congressman who wants to shut IP. He's in the seat of power now, and he's the one who gets front page in the Journal news, Pok Journals and Record. He has the ability now to plant the seeds of fear and doubt in people's minds, and to sway public opinion against Entergy. And he's the one who can attach ISA riders to war funding bills. So Entergy has to - but for some reason has not - address that reality.

And not by telling people to shut up about the ISA because "we're on it, we're safe, trust us".

And I'll be you ten bucks that some kind of safety assessment is coming soon.

All I have been saying all along is that if Entergy had any brains, they'd be working to find a way to do it so that the people conducting it are NOT the ones starting from the perspective of "How do we close IP?"

That is why I say bring in Germans or Norwegians of French engineers to do it.

Then IP gets a fair shake, and can put the issue to bed without the public feeling like they've been used as pawns in some millionaires' checkers game - yet again.

Entergy should be LEADING the drive for a FAIR ISA, not reacting with hostility to the people who question them and the NRC.

Because you know what? Screw the NRC. It's beholden to the nuke power industry as much as the FDA is a puppet of the pharmaceutical industry, the EPA is run by former employees of the country's biggest polluters - and so on.

By the way, thanks for the insight into the safety systems. I actually do read everything, and I appreciate knowing more.

boy spanking

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b tween

What's that paddle-boy? Do you mean to say you have NOT bookmarked me yet, or what? No comprendo.

Also, make sure your PC has current virus definition files, because your IP address (adsl-75-61-127-114.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) comes up on a major spam blacklist, which means you probably have a trojan running on your PC.

Tom Clegg

Voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to vote in union elections
Rep. Hall voted against a Motion to Recommit H.R. 800, the Employee Free Choice Act of 2007. The Motion to Recommit, introduced by Rep. McKeon (R-CA), would have recommitted H.R. 800 to the Committee on Education and Labor with instructions to report the legislation back to the House with an amendment that would require that all employees allowed to vote in union elections be citizens or legal residents of the United States. This would have prevented illegal aliens from voting in unionization elections. This would have been an important interior enforcement measure because illegal aliens should not be allowed to have an influence in whether a workforce decides to be unionized or to block unionization. Businesses should not be allowed to use illegal aliens to stop unionization desired by its American workers. And unions should not be allowed to use illegal aliens to force unionization on American workers who don't want it. Although some Representatives voted against the Motion to Recommit because it would have delayed final passage of the bill, a vote in favor of the Motion to Recommit was clearly a vote in favor of interior enforcement and against allowing illegal aliens to vote in union elections. Motion to The Motion to Recommit failed by a vote of 202-225.

Tell Representative Hall what you think of his immigration record.
Phone: (202) 225-5441
Fax: (202) 225-3289
E-Mail: email available via website.
Website: No known web site.
D.C. Address: 1217 Longworth, U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

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