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November 04, 2006



Mephi SKA pheles, eh?

Coulda gone big in Port Au Prince, I'd warrant. Coulda cost you guys yer bloody eyeballs to play it down dere , though!

Now back to Loisaida, & Dover Plains....
I have a question about playful invocation of satan. Since 99.999% of people do not believe in satan, and since serious satan-invocation is the purview of disturbed fringers, seeking bogus relevance in obsession with the loathed, or the feared, a kind of self fucking done to display a "rad" dementia (carefully cultivated)... then the playful invocation of satanism could be the absolute most instantly-doomed-to-failure stance ever yet attempted. If ya don't believe in the debbil, its just trash, and intentionally annoying trash at that. If youre a revolutionary, "daring" to invoke the name of the hated Beelzebub, as a liberating tonic to the straights in society, well then , you'd better go back to 1885, where it would be relevant, by existing in a believing society. If you're simply doing a 'spinal tap' reprise on 666 bands, then you're playing parody for a demographic said to consist in total, of some 1% of 1% of our population, so a year or two of touring, and you'll have "brought the message" to every single soul ( pun) who needs to hear it.

So how smart (or dumb) is it to start a "playful satanic ska band"? I mean, how many damn nights a year ought to be halloween, and how many halloweens can people stomach, for god's sake (pun)?

In Haiti? Well dat be sumpin else brudda!

Was it a success? Did you buy your 100 acre retreat in the Adirondacks off the proceeds from it? (With 7 members, the split could not have been too rich, I'm thinking).

Just questions.

Oh, by the way, you have been cursed an' damned, ha ha ha ha
Sorry, sumpin "jus possessed me!"


b tween

You think you're a Christian? Who made you judge of souls to tell me I'm damned? Jesus didn't.

But I'm certain God will judge you as harshly as you've judged me - he hates hypocrites and you should be ashamed of yourself.

But I forgive you for your sin of judgement, as Jesus forgave the Pharisees - though I'm certain you, despite how Christian you think you are, would not forgive me.

I believe we're both lucky that God will judge us on our actions, not on our words, because I'm sure he's not pleased with what you just wrote.

b tween

By the way... Haiti was one of the only nations formed by slave rebellion, and as a result their constitution makes white racism a capital crime. Never mind my eyeballs, saying something despicably racist like "Well dat be sumpin else brudda!" could get you hanged in the village square.

b tween

And on the practical question.. if you click on that video, you'll see it's a clip from MTV when it showed music videos. Mephiskapheles was very successful, and we toured extensively for many more than 2 years - and went to 40 countries - some in the Caribean too. And I still get good BMI royalty checks from airplay that the albums still get.

But we were making fun of heavy metal bands and their stupid satanic thing, something I thought people like you would appreciate.

The ironic truth is, it was usually the people who were "saved" that caused violence at shows. I never understood how it could be that people who were supposedly modeling their lives after Jesus were so quick to throw punches.

But they would come, start fights, and always ended up getting stomped by a gang of skinheads (who just enjoyed stomping people for any reason under the sun).

It always lent truth to the bumper sticker I once saw: Lord, save me from your followers.

Tom W.

I hear the NY Dolls are changing the band name to The Satanic Purses in honor of Salman Rushdie - and to get in on the lucrative devil worship market.

Of course, they were a very serious comment on cross-dressing in their day...very serious and ant-Christian indeed.


What makes you think Riverhound is a christian?

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