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I was in the deep south, on tour with my band mephiskapheles many years ago, and during a conversation with a kid outside the venue, learned that many schools in the deep south teach the Civil War as the war of Northern Aggression. I got to thinking that maybe a little Northern Aggression is just what this country needs right now, to undo the damage that brainless redneck Southern-strategied sheep have caused with their brainless redneck voting. Can you say Hell Yeah?


"It appears we have appointed our worst generals to command forces, and our most gifted and brilliant to edit newspapers! In fact, I discovered by reading newspapers that these editor/geniuses plainly saw all my strategic defects from the start, yet failed to inform me until it was too late. Accordingly, I'm readily willing to yield my command to these obviously superior intellects, and I'll, in turn, do my best for the Cause by writing editorials- after the fact." - Robert E. Lee 1863 -